4 Choices of the Best Digital Quran to Help You Get Some Worthy Practice of Reciting

4 Choices of the Best Digital Quran to Help You Get Some Worthy Practice of Reciting

As Muslims, you must have wanted to excel in reciting Quran, right? However, it is easier said than done. There are rules in recitation and you can’t pronounce the words wrong for it will change the meaning. Also, we need to get some practice here. Sure, it would be nice to have expert reciters to help you practice and correct you. However, if you don’t have any, there are 4 choices of the best digital Quran that should help without them.

Choice 1: Digital Quran Player Enmac EQ509

The first device we have here has the look of MP4 player. It is small device that records complete surah of the Holy Quran. All you need to do to use it is to choose the surah you want to listen to and you can recite along with it or recite after it. That being said, this digital Quran player is not as simple as that. It does recite Quran for you, but there is not only one reciter recorded in this player. There are 9 of them and they are all famous ones.

Digital Enmac EQ509
Digital Enmac EQ509

Sure, you would want to know the meaning of each ayah within the surah too, right? You don’t have to worry for this handy device comes with 28 translation languages to choose one from. That is why we have this device offered for almost all people. Just make sure it has the language you understand. Along with your purchase of it, you will get more than 30 Islamic books to learn about too. It might be small, but it sure is useful one.

Choice 2: Hitopin Digital Quran Speaker HP-805

The second choice we have this time is bigger physically, yet still handy at the same time. This one here works pretty much like speaker. It recites you the complete surah of the Holy Quran just like the player before. However, this digital Quran device is not all about Quran recitation, you see. Just like other devices with speaker, this one can record voices as well. Make good use of this feature in your practice, especially if you practice alone.

While you concentrate more on your memorization when reciting, you can judge how you really sound through recording. Don’t you think this feature is real handy? These alone are not the only things that make this device the best digital Quran. Along with them, this device also features qibla direction from any worldwide cities. You can also get to learn names of Allah both in images and audio. It helps things to memorize them faster.

Choice 3: EQ Quran Player Remote Control Speaker

The third choice here is pretty much compact and round, but it sure looks solid. From its look, this device is the closest one to look like standard speakers that can play music. It has controls on that you can set the volume, mode, and others from. Sure, you can set right on the speaker, but this device is made all handier by accompanying it with remote control. With this remote, you can control the speaker at the comfort of your seat.

You don’t have to get up from your seat just to reach it anymore. The remote control has all the control buttons you need on. Isn’t it handy? Of course, this digital Quran speaker itself is pretty amazing choice. Aside from the existence of remote control, this one features up to 35 recitations with up to 30 translations. Talking about a number, this choice makes quite a big deal. Practicing your recitation skill will be a blast with it, for sure.

Choice 4: Holy Al Quran Digital Read Pen Set

The last best choice we have here is one that has been pretty popular these days. It is none like music payer or speaker. It is more advanced than that. Coming mainly with Quran and reading pen, you have the pen to recite the Quran for you just by touching it to the page number, the title of the surah, or even the very ayah. For beginners especially, this advanced device is the best of all you would need. You can’t recite without Quran.

So, having it work only with the pen will give you serious and more concentrated practice. Of course, this best digital Quran has number of reciters and translations to offer. It can even let you record your voice as well. It is no wonder that this device is an effective one to improve your recitation skill regardless of what level you are in. Only famous reciters are there to recite the Quran for you. So, you can be sure they will give you correct spelling and pronunciations of every word of Holy Quran.

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