How Much is Digital Quran and What Determines One to Be Pricey or Cheaper

How Much is Digital Quran and What Determines One to Be Pricey or Cheaper

Have you got information about digital Quran and its pen? Yes, the set is pretty high in demand now since the technology it offers is very helpful for anyone who wants to practice reciting Quran and gets better at it. With many good things said about it, you can’t expect it to be so cheap. However, it is not like it is going to be unreasonably pricey either. So, let’s talk some more about how much is digital Quran here and see if you can afford it.

Basic Price Range of Digital Quran and E-Pen

Let us get to the point here so you know the basic range of price you will have to pay if you ever want to buy digital Quran set here. The basic price range for each set would go from $45.99 to $69.14. From the set, you get not only the Quran and the learning pen, but also some free books, USB, and even earphone to be of use for you. Considering how good the technology is, this price range is reasonable enough to charge with.

How Much is Digital Quran
How Much is Digital Quran

Sometimes, the sellers will sell this product with some sets as the minimum order in exchange of reduced price. If you need quite a bunch of them, it would be better to look for the set sold with some as the minimum order like that. The price range for this kind of orders depends on how much the minimum order is. For minimum order of 2 sets, you might need to pay $99.60. For 10 sets, you might only need to pay about $432.50 too.

How Much Memory Digital Quran Pen Holds

Now that you have known the basic price range, some of you might think that the price is a bit impossible to afford and you might not even find the need of buying a bunch of them only to get reduced price. If that is the case with you then, buying set of digital Quran would need quite a tricky consideration. You see, the pen that comes with the set is one that can record sound as well. So, it should have its own memory to offer, right?

How Much is Quran Read Pen PQ15
How Much is Quran Read Pen PQ15

You might have seen 8GB pen around, but you should be able to find the 4GB ones as well. Considering that smaller memory is cheaper, you might opt for this choice to meet your budget. Yes, you might not be able to record your recitation that much, but you can be more efficient by recording what’s need to be recorded only. That way, how much is digital Quran wouldn’t give quite a headache to make the set affordable for you.

How Much Reciters and Translations It Offers

Other than the memory of the pen itself, the number of Quran reciters and translations might matter here. If you read the set information on its package, you should be able to find the information about how much reciters and translations are offered by the digital pen. At the very least, there should be 5 reciters and 5 translations in this digital pen. At the most, there might even be all the way up to 30 numbers of them too.

With that in mind, do you think the price of digital Quran set would be any different? Well, of course, they would be. Reciters and translations are not there for free. So, we can say that the more number of recite and translation there is, the more expensive the price gets. If you don’t need that much reciter to listen to, opting for ones with lesser number of reciter would be better. Make sure you get translation language you need though.

The Number of Digital Quran Sets You Need

We might have discussed it a bit earlier, but the number of sets you want to buy does matter to determine the price of the sets you buy. Well, we are supposing that you do need a bunch of this product to buy for families or to sell again on your own. If either of those suppositions seems to be in your case, you need to consider choosing the right seller to buy the product from. Not all sellers sell with minimum order for reduced price.

That is why it becomes necessary for you to find one for yourself. The more you buy, the more likely it is for that particular seller to sell the product in reduced price. Yes, this is not recommended tip for those planning on buying one only though. However, just remember how much is digital Quran if you can buy it cheaper by buying it in a bulk. It should be better than just buying them each with the basic price to multiply the number with, right?

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