The Quran Learning Pen Tutorial: How to Use Digital Quran Easily on Your Own

The Quran Learning Pen Tutorial: How to Use Digital Quran Easily on Your Own

You don’t have to be shy about what level you are in when it comes to Quran recitation. Even if you happen to be in beginner level, it is not like it will take forever to advance to the highest level on your own. Today, there is helpful little technology that can help you with that. It is called Quran Learning Pen, though it goes by other names like Al Quran Digital Amazing E-Pen and such. How to use digital Quran is very easy actually.

Quran Learning Pen for You to Know

Before we start with the tutorial, it is best to know what this technology is all about first beforehand. Well, it is new technology we are talking about here. It is one meant to make reading, learning, understanding, and memorizing easy for people of all recitation levels, all ages, and even all origins. Knowing this, you should know that it is the right technology to help you. Upon your purchase, you will get two main things for you here.

First, there is Quran made with special paper. Second, there is talking pen that comes along with it. You might get other bonuses, but these are the two things that you will need the most to get some practice. This talking pen especially, is one designed with auditory support. It recites the ayah, surah, or page of the Quran for you. It helps you improve fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, pronunciation, and even grammar as well. These are possible because of the work of its technology.

How to Read by Page with the E-Pen

How the technology works to help you can be seen from how the pen is used. There are all sorts of ways of using digital Quran pen though. First, you can use it to read by page. For those who are currently in higher recitation levels, they would want to practice memorize from page to page. Basically, the use of the pen itself is very easy. You point it on the Quran it comes with and it will recite what’s written there for you.

Then, you can recite it yourself after you listen to it. Since you are going to memorize by page, you can simply use the pen to touch on the page number of the Quran. As simple as that, the pen will read the whole page for you. How to use digital Quran is as easy as this. The ayah spoken sounds beautiful and it tells you the correct pronunciation of everything. You can even learn where to continue or where to stop in between one ayah which is part of the rules in tajwid. Neat, isn’t it?

Using Digital Quran Pen
Using Digital Quran Pen

How to Read by Ayah with the Pen

You don’t feel up to reciting the whole page yet? You don’t have to worry. This digital Quran learning pen is there to help you memorize one ayah after another. Of course, how you use it is as easy as it can be. Why, of course, it is because all you need to do is to touch the pen on the verse, and the pen will read the verse for you. Having the pen to recite word by word like this should make things clear for you how to recite them properly.

Sure, you might not be able to memorize one verse just by listening to it once. So, this pen offers you the capability to repeat the verse if you touch it again. This very capability is one that all beginners would need to get some worthy practice, right? These digital Quran and its pen are sure to make things easier for you to recite Quran better and better. Now, you know why this technology is meant mainly for people of all recitation levels, right? It is real handy to use, even if you recite on your own.

How to Read by Surah with the Pen

You know Quran consists of many surah and only several of them are short enough to memorize in a short period of time. If you feel that you are ready to recite Quran by surah which can take pages to pages, this learning pen will help make you memorize easier and even in proper way too. It is not only that. There is more to it than just reciting the surah in Quran. You can actually choose your own favorite Quran recite as you wish.

There is more than one option to choose one from after all. This pen also makes it possible for you to choose your desired language when it reads the translation of each ayah for you. How to use digital Quran to read by surah only requires you to touch the surah title with the pen. Then, it will do the job to recite the entire surah and you can follow the recitation along with it if you so wish it too.

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